Welcome to blinkter’s documentation!

What is Blinkter?

Blinkter is an API to use with the Pimoroni Blinkt! led hat for the Raspberry Pi. It adds many features lacking from the blinkt library provided by pimoroni. See the section below for a more complete list.


Here are some of the features that blinkter offers.

  • Object oriented design

    • The original blinkt library is not object oriented
    • Object oriented design is particularly intuitive in the case of the pimoroni Blinkt! because the blinkt is actually
      an object.
  • Super convenient methods for setting the pixels to the three basic colors (red, green, and blue).

  • Adds a flash() method for easy flashing.

  • If you don’t just want to flash LEDs, but you also want to blink them, you should check out the built in

    start_blink() and stop_blink() for more information.

Quick demonstration

Cycle through the basic colors.:

import time
from blinkter import BlinktBoard

board = BlinktBoard()
pixel = board.get_pixel(0) #As with blinkt, the pixels are labelled 0-7.
pixel.black()  #Turn the pixel off when you're done.

Cause a pixel to flash once.:

pixel.flash(r=255, duration=0.1)

Blink a pixel repeatedly:

pixel.start_blink(g=255, on_length=0.075, off_length=0.2)

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